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   The 2017 Conference

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Mission is alive and well in Texas. There were 67 participants from nine Dioceses in attendance at the Oblate Center in San Antonio for the three day conference. There were also representatives from several Religious Congregations. Bob Short, the coordinator of the Maryknoll Affiliates was there.

THEME - The Future of Mission: Keeping the Mission Spirit Alive.

KEYNOTE - Fr. Bob Mosher, SSC. He is the director of Columban Mission Center in El Paso, TX. He worked for 30 years in the working class sections of Santiago, Chile. He has a doctorate in Missiology from the Gregorian University in Rome. He teaches a variety of courses at the Tepayac Institute in El Paso.

     1. Matt Rousso began on Friday evening with a powerful one hour presentation  on "The Five Challenges to Mission."

     2. Gerry Kelly presented for the first time the new module on " Relationships in Mission". There are six segments. He was able to cover three of them for an hour and a half on Saturday afternoon.

     3. Dave La Buda presented he first two segments of the new module from the Third Wave team on "Bringing Mission Home."

     4. Doug May showed a ten minute video on Dialogue between Christians and Muslims in Egypt. 

     There were workshops given on medical missions and organizing Diocesan and Parish Mission Councils.