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Mission Statement: The Texas Mission Council is a collaborative organization for the promotion and support of mission both home and abroad. The Texas Mission  Council exists to create mission awareness and support through the collaborative  efforts of Diocesan Mission Directors, representatives of mission organizations serving in Texas, and individuals and groups interested in mission (Catholic and non-catholic). Areas of collaboration are:


1. Following the commission of Jesus in Matthew 28: 18-20: And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always,  to the end of the age.”

2. Promote a general climate of world mission awareness, responsibility,  involvement and ecumenism.

3. Increase human and financial resources in support of world  mission.

4. Provide opportunities through documents, videos and personal consultation for sharing of ideas.

5. Sponsor opportunities for education in mission theology and through  immersion experience.

6. Recommend general policies pertaining to mission awareness,  responsibility, and involvement.


1. Diocesan mission directors or their equivalent.

2. Representatives of mission organizations.

3. Returning missionaries.

4. People interested in mission.


The Texas Mission Conference shall meet once a year, in person or virtually, at a date and place determined by the Texas Mission Council. The Annual Business Meeting will be held during the Annual Conference. 

TEXAS MISSION COUNCIL The Council shall consist of no more than 14 individuals, including four officers and the Spiritual Advisor. The Mission Council shall be elected every year at      the Annual Business Meeting. Terms: Mission Council members shall serve no more than two consecutive two-year terms.

TEXAS MISSION COUNCIL OFFICERS: Officers shall include: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. (The Spiritual Advisor serves as a consultant to the Mission Council, and their term is unlimited.)

The Chair will serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive one-year terms as Chair, and the Vice Chair will serve a maximum of two (2) consecutive one-year terms as Vice-Chair. The Chair and Vice-Chair must serve on the board at least one year prior to being included on the ballot.

The Secretary and Treasurer shall serve at the pleasure of the Chair subject to the advice and consent of the Mission Council.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS: The election will take place at the Annual Business Meeting. The Chair shall appoint the Secretary and Treasurer at the Business Meeting, or as soon as possible thereafter. The appointments of the Secretary and Treasurer shall be subject to approval of the Mission Council.


A Mission Council meeting will be held prior to the Conference.  At this meeting, the Council will identify individuals to fill the open positions, and put them on the ballot.  At the annual Business Meeting, held at the end of the Annual Conference, this ballot of positions will be presented and a request will be made for additional nominees. If there is more than one nominee for an open position, all nominees will leave the room. Each nominee will be called back one at a time and given two minutes to present why they should be elected to the position. Then a secret ballot election will be held for each nominated position. The Secretary will run the election with support from the current Mission Council members. Nominees who receive the most votes are elected. Election for unopposed positions will be by acclimation.


The Chair shall:

1. Collaboratively work with the Vice Chair and Secretary to create and distribute an agenda prior to each meeting.

2. Preside over all meetings.

The Vice-Chair shall:

1. Assist in planning the agenda for the meetings.

2. Act as Chair In the absence of the Chair.

The Secretary shall:

1. Record minutes of all meetings, send to Council Members, and invite comments no later than three weeks after the meeting.

2. Present minutes at the following meeting and make corrections as recommended by Council Members. Corrected minutes will comprise the official record of meetings.

3. Maintain an updated list of all Council Members to include: Name, diocese, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

4. Responsible for all Council correspondence.


The Treasurer shall:

1. Maintain all financial records.

2. Present a report at each meeting of revenues and expenses. This report will be available to the Mission Council members following the same approval procedure as outlined for the minutes.

Spiritual Advisor shall:

1. Provide spiritual advice.

2. Assist in arranging all religious activities at the Annual Conference.

3. Attend meetings of the Mission Council if possible.


See separate job descriptions for detailed duties of each Council Officer.

QUORUM: The quorum for voting is a minimum of 50% of the current council members being present at a meeting, or providing their proxy to another council member who is present.

REVISED AND EFFECTIVE: February 26, 2022


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