Texas Mission Council

Always Serving continued The four bishops meet annually. 

At the time, the dioceses of Texas were matched with the dioceses of Honduras. The dioceses of San Angelo and Tyler, Texas, partnered with the diocese of San Pedro Sula, Honduras, and now with the Diocese of La Ceiba as well. The four bishops meet annually.

At first, they gave direct assistance to Hondurans who had lost everything in the hurricane. As the country rebuilt, the bishops no longer wanted handouts but requested the people of Hermanamiento form relationships with the Hondurans instead. Being bi-lingual and outgoing, Clementine is a natural for forming relationships. She has lost track of how many times she has “It's not that we’re going to tell them what they need or what they're doing wrong,” Clementine says. “It's to live in their shoes and work with them, get to know them and help them up that way. It has been a learning experience, of course. And that’s how I got involved with Texas Mission Council.” After 32 years, Clementine retired from the communications industry where she was a union organizer. Her second career is with the Concho Valley Council of Governments. Among other things, she is coordinator of its Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions programs. Clementine loves gardening and has run three marathons and six half marathons. But her passion remains in service to others. I want to make a change for the better in someone’s life,” she says.